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What Sets Us Apart


Unlike larger firms that divide their attention among several disciplines, our sole focus is reinsurance audit and support. 

  • We know where to look and what to look for

    • TSO consistently finds oversights overlooked in prior audits or controls

  • Clients benefit from:

    • Recovery of capital and future savings on corrected oversights​

    • Improved processes and controls

    • Improved confidence in reinsurance operations 'peace of mind'

    • Limited resource strain

  • Work performed on-site, remote, or hybrid

  • Contingent, hourly, and blended fee options

  • TSO takes the audit process from start to finish

    • This can include processing corrections on industry systems​

Blue Skies


River Thames, London

Vice President 

          We have been very pleased with the quality of the work done and time it has taken to produce accurate policy level detailed corrections. In addition, we appreciate (TSO's) willingness to help us in the testing phases  of implementing fixes for ongoing administration

Tall Buildings

President and CEO

        (TSO) has demonstrated an extremely high knowledge of reinsurance treaties and how the accounting may be impacted by "Home Office Administration." (TSO) certainly has the expertise to assist clients in the proper accounting of transactions based on the terms of the treaties... (TSO) will always do the right thing for all parties concerned... I highly recommend (TSO)

Office Desk

Vice President

             TSO did outstanding work for us. TSO found inadvertent errors in our insurance administration systems and records that lead to significant recoveries of overpayments to reinsurance companies. TSO's detailed reviews also lead to improved controls, processes, and system enhancements to our reinsurance administration process

Winter Scenery

Chief Actuary

I can attest to (TSO’s) extreme expertise and professionalism. (TSO) utilizes creative approaches to properly identify monetary recoveries and produces impeccable backup and support for all findings

Aerial View of Islands

Service Team Coordinator

(TSO) has located and fixed some oversights the reinsurance area has made over the years including finding programming errors that were made when our reinsurance system was installed over 10 years ago

Mountains in Clouds

Policy Administration Manager

If you are looking for professional reinsurance resources to perform data integrity audits and find capital in this tight economy, then you should consider TSO Reinsurance Consulting. In the space of five months, TSO extensively reviewed 10 years of our Life Reinsurance records and, in the end, delivered a very positive financial outcome for us

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