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TSO is recognized for the value we create through the audit and support of reinsurance administration.  Our reinsurance audit service uncovers and corrects unidentified oversights, while our project support service provides a solution to analyze the scope of known issues and develops strategies to correct them.

  • Review premiums and claims

  • Verify treaty compliance

  • Scope of audits built around client's needs and objectives

  • Offered at hourly, contingent, and blended fee structures


  • Define scope and financial impact of known oversights

  • Resolve known oversights 

  • Multiple projects can be conducted simultaneously 

  • Offered at hourly and fixed rate fee structures



TSO's diagnostic review utilizes a list of proprietary categories derived from prior audits to test against premium and claim transactions. This approach, paired with our knowledge of industry systems, products, and treaty provisions, allows us to go beyond the standard audit process, bringing fresh perspectives and often uncovering oversights overlooked by prior reviews or internal controls. 


Systemic and policy-level oversights are uncovered, and the goal is to restore the client to a position it would have occupied had no oversight occurred. Additionally, TSO identifies system and process weaknesses and provides suggestions for improvement.


TSO values our clients' time and resources. We use our experience and expertise to work independently and minimize disruption to day-to-day reinsurance operations. We offer flexible audit solutions tailored to our client's needs. Scope, timeline, location, and fee structure can all be customized and adjusted in collaboration with clients. 

Most reinsurance teams have a list of known issues and existing projects that tend to pile up over time. They often face pressure from internal management or reinsurers to resolve these issues. With their demanding schedules and heavy workloads, these teams can benefit from external support.


Our team will define each oversight's scope and financial impact and efficiently work to reduce project backlog. By entrusting TSO with these projects, clients can free up resources and concentrate on core administrative responsibilities. We understand the levels of complexity involved in these projects and can handle tasks of all difficulty levels, relieving pressure from administration teams while providing a quality service.


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