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  • Identify oversights in premium, claim and expense reinsurance transactions

  • Determine whether oversights are systemic or isolated, and identify all policies affected 

  • Quantify the financial impact of each correction

  • Meet with reinsurance team to illustrate oversights  ​

  • Give estimate of financial impact for each oversight category

  • Provide transaction level recalculations for each policy

  • Find resolution acceptable to all stakeholders

  • Process corrections or work with reinsurance  team to correct

  • Provide suggestions to improve system and process weaknesses

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Before the review, TSO meets with the client to outline the goals and objectives of the audit. In the initial phase, we gain access to reinsurance billing history data and become familiar with people, systems, treaties, and other reinsurance information.  


TSO utilizes proprietary techniques to examine reinsurance records. We conduct diagnostic tests and review treaty compliance to uncover oversights. When an oversight is identified, we perform a root cause analysis and identify all affected policies. We then compile these findings into clear examples and evaluate their financial impact.

TSO presents newly discovered oversights to the reinsurance team. Policy-level examples are recalculated and illustrated so the client can see the exact nature and financial impact of the oversights. Supporting documentation is also provided when needed. Once approved, TSO calculates and provides transaction-level detail for each correction. Corrections are then processed on the reinsurance system or externally as needed.

We prepare all relevant documentation for clients and reinsurers and provide support until all corrections are closed. TSO provides suggestions to improve processes and systems and will assist in testing for system programming corrections when necessary. Status updates are provided regularly to keep the client updated throughout the audit.  

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