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Since 1991, our team of reinsurance experts has specialized in conducting comprehensive audits of reinsurance administration for ceding companies.  Our audits consistently result in the recovery of capital and increased confidence in reinsurance administration moving forward.  Every client has benefited from cash recoupments and future savings.


We have recently expanded our service offering to include reinsurance administration support.  Our experienced team efficiently works through existing projects, providing clients the benefit of reducing project backlog. This allows clients to allocate more time for their day-to-day administrative duties.


Our proven approach along with our commitment to flexibility allows us to provide a quality service that can be customized to meet each client’s unique needs.


Teddy Oparowki III

After earning his BS in finance from Bentley University, Teddy immediately began work at TSO helping clients resolve issues with reinsurance transactions. With over eleven years of experience in both web-based and mainframe reinsurance admin systems, treaties, and products, Teddy has helped resolve issues on thousands of unique policies.

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Theodore Oparowski Jr.


Ted Oparowski is the founder and President of TSO Reinsurance Consulting LLC, bringing 44 years of insurance industry experience. With a hands-on approach, Ted leads reinsurance reviews, delivering comprehensive assessments. He excels at monetizing TSO's findings, unlocking immediate cash recoveries and promising future savings, adding exceptional value for clients.  Ted and his team have the expertise to make any reinsurance project a success. 

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Jesse Hakes

Jesse joined TSO in 2000 after earning a bachelor’s degree in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  He holds the title of Partner and Senior Consultant and is involved in all operations at TSO.  Jesse has been involved in all audits since joining TSO and is the project manager for most reviews.  Jesse holds the Associate Life Management Institute (ALMI) designation from the Life Office Management Association (LOMA).

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